Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1.

    Who is Specialty Planners?

    Previously, you were being paid by Constitution, Pioneer, Pyramid, American Progressive etc. Now you are receiving one payment into your account from Specialty Planners.
  • 2.

    Where is my RNE (Revenue and Expense) or PNL (Profit and Loss)?

    Your RNE or PNL is included with the payment. There is a separate tab called RNE on your statement in the web portal.
  • 3.

    Why is my grand total payment zero when I have commission listed in the detail section?

    Agents receiving checks will not be paid until their commission balance reaches $50. To receive payment switch to the EFT program or wait until your outstanding commission balance reaches $50.
    If you have an outstanding debit balance, your commissions may have been used to pay this balance off. Please refer to the debit balance activity section.
  • 4.

    How do I access my statements?

    You can access your statements by logging onto https://www.clicagentportal.com/login
    For help accessing and understanding your statements CLICK HERE
  • 5.

    Where do I find my login information to view my statements?

    Your login information should have been emailed to you, if you did not receive an email please contact CommTPA by email or phone:
    E-mail: tradcommissions@ltcglobal.com
    Phone: 855-627-3008
  • 6.

    How can I sign up for the EFT program?

    Complete this form (CLICK HERE), mail the original to:
    843 Alder Creek Dr, Suite A, Medford OR 97504 Attn: Commissions
    OR scan and email a completed copy, with a copy of the check, to: tradcommissions@ltcglobal.com
  • 7.

    Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

    You can reach CommTPA by E-mail or by phone:
    E-mail: tradcommissions@ltcglobal.com
    Phone: 855-627-3008